The Give and Take of Disability

One of the questions I have always asked myself is ‟What would my life be like if I was not disabled?”  Now, I know it’s a stupid question. I know that there's no possible way of knowing and even if there was, who's to say that the non-disabled version of me would really be me … Continue reading The Give and Take of Disability

“So, I hired a caregiver — now what?”

When I moved away from home to go to college, I had to make a rapid adjustment from being at home with my parents to living independently with the help of hired caregivers. At times, I did not handle it well. I remember wishing that I had some kind of instruction manual to help me … Continue reading “So, I hired a caregiver — now what?”

5 Disability-Positive Halloween Movies (2017 Edition)

Ah, Halloween. My favorite holiday. I’ve always really liked horror movies and in the last few years, I’ve noticed that some of them have pretty problematic messages for people with disabilities. So here are a list of horror movies you can watch this Halloween that have disability-positive messages that won’t make you roll your eyes! … Continue reading 5 Disability-Positive Halloween Movies (2017 Edition)