“Fine, maybe I will. Jeez.”: An Auspicious Beginning

One thing that people who meet me learn quickly is that I’m sassy. I add sass into every conversation I’m a part of, even when I don’t try. I can’t help it, no matter how much I might want (or need) to be agreeable. When I met my boyfriend, I confidently told him, “I change my sass for no man, so if you don’t like it I can’t really help you.” I stopped my futile attempts at self-censoring long ago.

Recently, I was telling him that I wanted to find a place to talk about disability. Somewhere I could share my thoughts and opinions; maybe learn more about a subject that has a huge impact on my life. “Ok,” he said. “So figure out a place and do it.”

I responded “Fine, maybe I’ll start a blog or something.”

“So do it.”

“Fine, maybe I will. Jeez.”

And thus this blog was born. Hopefully it can educate some people about issues that affect my friends and I and hopefully I can learn some things as well. My goal, at the very least, is to talk about issues that don’t get covered as much as I wish they would. Maybe this can help people feel a little less silenced and alone. I hope you get at least as much out of this blog as I do.

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